Monday, August 31, 2009

That's the Thing



"The flight itself....that is the thing." -Tom Wolfe

Ask anybody what superpower they would like to posess and without fail the majority of answers will be this, to fly. There is something deep in our souls that longs for the open skies.

We are told that we a free, that we are raised up on eagles wings, that we can rise above our circumstances. We were made to soar and yet we are so caught up with our goals, ambition, our destination and direction that we lose a sense of wonder. We forget the amazing heights that we enabled to soar to, the freedom of the flight itself, the choice to soar in the vicinity of God's vast and incomparable love everyday .We have ceased to be content to soar and instead worry about where we are going.

Revel in the act of flying itself, the chance we have to soar every day; the freedom that comes in knowing we can rise above. Stop worrying about your day to day troubles. They are taken care of.

"The flight itself....that is the thing"
-Tom Wolfe

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